Our Story started as a weekend project, a service to the community and my mom :-)

Working on Familio, a private simple way to share with the family, was the first time we really understood how lost and confused people where when it comes to privacy. People simply don't get those privacy settings and Terms Of Use. And as a result end up sharing things, they never planned to, with complete strangers. Privacy simply doesn't work!

We've realized we're all fighting yesterday's privacy battle. For years our personal information was stored on our personal computers. We got used to thinking that protecting your personal information means protecting your computer.

In reality we all spent the last years gradually moving our personal information to the web: Our photos, documents, location, contacts, e-mail, work history and business relations, political and religious affiliations, our very thoughts... It's all on the web!

Privacy is no longer about protecting your personal computer! It's about controlling who has permissions to access your personal information on the web.

Controlling your permissions is a lost cause though. Websites and apps make it really simple to join, and by doing so grant them permissions to access your personal info. Revoking access is a whole different story... Those same websites hide permissions settings behind 2-5 links and as a result most people don't even know they granted, or can revoke those permissions.

And the proof is in the pudding. People have tens and even hundreds of apps and websites that gained permissions to access their personal info.

So we went along and created

The idea was simple "If granting permissions is a matter of a single click then revoking them should be just as easy" and following this line of thought came into being. A simple page that lets people revoke any permission they gave in a single click... Mission accomplished! Even my mom could manage her permissions now :)

What's Next?

The most important realization we had since launching, and seeing hundreds of thousands check it out, is that controlling who has access to your personal info is an ongoing battle and that there is currently no tool that helps us win this battle.

We love the web. We're not a fanatic privacy organization, big brother style. We love Facebook, Twitter, Google... They are all part of our lives.

What we really wanted to create is a product that would enable us all to keep enjoying the web only in a smarter, safer way. Most importantly to use it without constantly worrying. This is why we created MyPermissions Cleaner. A solution that automatically scans your permissions, alerts you when new apps gain access to your personal info and can even clean those permissions for you.

Keep safe and don't forget to send us your feedback and ideas :-)

The MyPermissions' Founders

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